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Welcome to Cookie's Castle!

Our mission here at Cookie's Castle, we believe strongly in a hands on approach loving ,safe and learning environment, Children can grow intellectually, emotionally and socially. Children's growth will be achieved through providing stimulating creative play opportunities and appropriate activities. This service will be offered through the highest-quality-to enhance all development stages.

Early  Childhood Education

High quality early educational setting

  • Language and Literacy 

  • Thinking Skills

  • Social and Emotional Skills

  • Cognitive Skills

  • Develop Strategies

This is the time when education needs to be as rich an supportive as possible.


​To allow the children to be successful.

Infants and Toddler Care 

Early Learning

  • Ages 3 - 5

  • Ages 5 - 8

  • Ages 8 -12

Events & Workshops

Early Learning Awareness 

November 3-5, 2023

Infants: Our infants program recognizes that every moment infants are precious capable and active learners. our team allowed and encouraged, to explore, play, discover and practice in ways, they communicate through  their language and emotion "coo, cuddle, rocking" As we bond with your baby and develop a sense of trust and interests, skills

Toddlers: There’s no doubt that they’re a bundle of energy. But at Cookie's Castle, we welcome that energy and excitement because we know that it’s a natural part of growth and learning. We’ll channel that energy!

Ages 3 - 5 

During this stage, Our program curriculum teaches children who are learning to interact socially, and their use of the development language as a means of connecting with others.  We encourage small learning groups and activities for social skills, concentration exercises, listening, skills, reading comprehension skills, Children are the center of our daily program to make a difference in their lives. To improve the education and life outcome in the children we serve in the community base.  

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