A little bit about us.

Hello, and welcome to our wonderful educational daycare in Baltimore, MD! My name is Cookie and I am the child care director. Pass work experience includes, The Baltimore City Recreations Center, After School Program, working with Residential Youth In Transition, DDA (Developmental Disabilities Administration),  Autism ,Adult Day Care and Residential Service. My experience has taught me to work with Infants, Toddlers, school age Pre-K to 8th grade students. We offer a diverse child care and  early childhood education curriculum program to development Social- Emotional, Development Needs, Fine Motor Skills, Intellectual Development, Communication Skills, and Exposure Dramatic Play, Creative art & Craft, Music Activities, and participation in group projects, discussion, and games. We encourages children to keep learning, before, during and even after school hours. We also offer Virtual Learning   



"My son (6) transitioned from grandparent care to full time day care at age 4 and my daughter (19 months) has always been at Cookie's Castle"  Regina B.

"Like most parents my girls are the most important thing to me and their safety, education, and future is something I am focused

on. With that said, Cookie's Caslte is the only way to go for me!"  Tracy S.


Events & Workshops

Early Learning


Inventors. Problem-solvers. Discoverers. Dreamers. Children 24 to 36 months are opening their eyes to the larger world around them and taking an active role in it. They learn as they take things apart, put them together and ask lots and lots of questions..

Ages 3 - 5


Preschoolers are like sponges — they soak up knowledge. At Cookie's Castle educational daycare, our Skill Builders Program for children ages 3-4 encourages growth and learning with days filled with active and fun activities..